How do you graph the line through (4,0) parallel to 5x + y +4 = 0?

1 Answer
Apr 21, 2017

Find parallel slope, make a line with that slope that goes through the point


If the line is parallel to


Then it has the same slope. To find the slope it may be helpful to rearrange the equation as follows:


So we should be able to tell from here that the slope is -5. If you can't see that I would suggest this.

Anyway, now that we know what the slope is, we know the equation of our line is something like:


Where b is some number (you may have seen it as a different letter, but it's just a variable so the letter doesn't matter). To find b, set x and y to the values at the point the line must pass through.


So now we know the equation of our line is

I'm assuming you know how to graph lines (if not, just google it or ask another question on this site), so I won't go into the details of how to graph this one, but the above equation is the line you would graph.