How do you graph using slope and intercept of #-8x+2y=4#?

1 Answer
Mar 27, 2018

Intercepts=(0,2), (-0.5, 0)


To find out the slope (Gradient), make y the subject.
y=mx+c is the equation of a line and m is the number you're looking for for the slope.
#2y=8x+4, y=4x+2#
Therefore 4 is the number in front of x so the slope is positive 4.
Intercept is a point where the line crosses the axis.
In order t find out the intercepts, we make y or x equal to 0, as when the line crosses the x-axis, y=0 and when it crosses the y-axis, x=0.

Let x=0,
so #y=2# Point is (0,2)
Let y=0
Make x the subject.
#-4x=2, x=-1/2# Point is (-0.5, 0)