How do you graph #(x^2 / 4) - (y^2 / 9) =1#?

1 Answer
Jan 21, 2017

This hyperbola will open East-West and be centered at the origin.


You will move right and left 2 units from center to find the vertices. This comes from #sqrt(4)# that is the denominator of the #x^2# term.

Then, go up and down 3 units (#sqrt(9)#) to find corners of a "box" that will create asymptotes for your shape. The slopes of the asymptotes will be #+-3/2# for these reasons.

my graph

This graph was created in TI-nspire, with a template for graphing the conic sections and other relations. I didn't plot any points except for the vertices at (2,0) and (-2,0). If you are required to have more precision, make a table for ordered pairs.