How do you solve #28-2.2y=11.6y+262.6#?

1 Answer
Apr 7, 2016

To find variable Y, like terms must be combined.


Isolate the Y variables together on one side of the equation. Subtract 28 to move it to the other side of the equation. (The opposit of addition, or a positive number, is subtraction.)

That would leave the equation
- 2.2y = 11.6y + 234.6

Now isolate the y variable on the other side of the equation. Subtract 11.6y to move the number to the other side.
The equation is now
-13.8y = 234.6

To find the y variable isolated, divide -13.8 by both sides. This will eliminate the Y variable being multiplied by -13.8. If it's easier, think of it this way -13.8 times Y. When a number is dived by itself, the answer will always be one. (With the exception of zero, but you don't need to worry about that for this problem.)
So, after you have dived both sides of the equation, your answer will be =
y = -17