How is biology related to other sciences?

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Feb 11, 2018

Please see the explanation.


Chemistry: The workings of our bodies derive from a lot of chemical processes, whether it would be how we digest food, putting on chemicals, or sweating after exercise. This is because our bodies are made of atoms and molecules that each have their interaction with the external forces we call food, sweat, or even air.

Ecology/Earth Science: This is a subfield of biology because our environment is made of a lot of living things and biology is the study of life. So, we can study, for example, the diet of birds as they chew particular seeds or how crickets respire/breathe.

Physics: This is a tough one. So physics is the science of how things move. So for example, consider color wavelengths and retinas. Our retinas will adjust as we see different wavelengths of color since it depends on the speed and how those colors bounce on our retinas. We can even look at conditions such as color blindness.

I tried my best in this one, but I hope I helped!