How to place a normalization coefficient at the start of a function with bra-ket notation?

Hello, I am having problems with braket notation:

If I have, for example, the quantum spin function:


A problem arises when I try to put a normalization coefficient, it resizes the whole right bracket. Is there any way around this?


Thanks in advance.

1 Answer
Jan 12, 2018

Here's one way...


One easy fix for this problem would be to insert another pair of hashtags in the syntax. This which will essentially break up the code into two parts that the editor will interpret separately.

So instead of

hashtag 1/sqrt(2)( | uarr :) + | darr :) ) hashtag

which gets you


you can write something like this

hashtag 1/sqrt(2)(|uarr:) hashtag hashtag +|darr:)) hashtag

which gets you

#1/sqrt(2)(|uarr:)# #+|darr:))#

I'm sure that there are other ways of avoiding this issue, but I can't think of anything else right now. I'll make sure to update the answer if I do come up with anything better/easier.