How would you draw a structure containing only carbon and hydrogen that is a chiral alkyne with six carbon atoms?

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Apr 16, 2016

You need to draw chiral centre while maintaining a formula of #C_6H_10#.


A structure of #H-C-=C-C(H)(CH_3)(CH_2CH_2)# is one possibility (this might be the only possibility). I suppose it could be made from homochiral #X-C(H)(CH_3)(CH_2CH_2)# and acetylide.

Apr 16, 2016



The given condition

  • The compound is chiral alkyne with 6 carbon atom
  • So it should contain one carbon atom (central) linked with 4 different grs
  • It should have alkynyl gr (say ethynyl - 2 carbon system )
  • two alkyl grs ( ethyl - 2carbon system and methyl- 1- carbon system )
  • Its 6 carbon atoms satisfied

Satisfying these conditions we get the compound
3-methyl-pent-1-yne The Structure is shown below

enter image source here