How you can use the inverse trig functions on a calculator to find the value ox X for which sin(x)=0.6?

1 Answer
Sep 11, 2015

The algotithm is described in explanation


The inverse trigonometric function is usually described as "#sin^(-1)#" and usually requires pressing a function key. On PHILIPS calculator it's described as "#2nd#". So to calculate the angle for which #sinx=0.6# you should:

1) Set the angle unit (radians or degrees) using "#DEG-RAD#" button or simmilar

2) Enter 0.6

3) Press "#2nd#" to use alternative function.

4) Press "#sin^-1#". Usually it's the same button as "sin".

After that you get the angle for which sinus equals to 0.6 in radians or degrees depending on settings in point 1).