If little earths could be strung about the equator of the sun like a string of pearls, how many pearls would there be in the necklace?

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Jun 27, 2016



I like this nice imagination. This is a reason for my instant answering

of the question.

Sun's equatorial radius is 696342 km. So, the length of the equator

is #2piX686342# km.

The diameter of the Earth is 12756 km.

So, for studding the equator-neck of the Sun with Earth as pearls,

the number of pearls (Earths) required will be


#=345.66# or 345 (lower rounding)

If it is real pearl, my answer is 514.7348027 billions

Note addition of Earth's radius, for improving precision

My imagination goes beyond.

Earth is shedding pearls continuously, over a year, from behind, How

many were there in the so formed orbit necklace?

Rare Tahiti pearls are 20 mm wide. Normal range of size of pearls is

6 mm-11 mm. So, I take the average 8.5 mm for the size of the pearl

as building block for the virtual orbit-lacing of the Earth's (very nearly

a circular) orbit. 1 AU = 149597871 km is the radius of this orbit.

Answer for my question = #2pi(149597871 km)/(8.5 mm)#

       #=((2pi)(149597871 ))/((8.5)(10^(- 6))) #

       #=110582,4877# billions, nearly.

I further imagine that Mother Earth creates a spiral orbit-lace, without smashing the pearls in orbit, from the starter lace..