If you look at the time at which questions are posed, I would expect it to be most common in the evening (homework time) but when are questions most often answered on Socratic?

1 Answer
Nov 3, 2017

Questions and answers originate from around the world, in different countries and different time zones, and are answered by a staggering array of informed volunteers. Answers may appear at any time.


When my answers reach the moderators or collaborators, I often wonder how some of these people are still up. My answering time is usually late at night by the time I have business wrapped up. The immediate questions I see appear to be from the western US and then from the "Far East". But I always like to catch up on the stale questions that no one else is answering, so they could come from any one at any time.

There are also many retired teachers and professionals who can answer questions throughout the day, so you will see their responses at any time as well.