Is there a way in the markup language to add a line break or start a new paragraph?

I'm restoring some questions, and they would look better and clearer sometimes with a line break or paragraphs.

1 Answer

I'm not sure if I'm answering the question posed, but there are ways to format for paragraphs and line breaks.

The first is simply to hit the Enter key twice - that gives the default spacing of 1 missing space (see the white space between this paragraph and the one above it).


If you want more space than that, you can use hashtag quote hashtag (hit the edit to see the one sitting between this paragraph and the one above).

Another way to handle paragraphs is to use the "greater than" sign - it indents.

As you add more of the signs, the further over the text is pushed (and it justifies).

If I haven't answered your question, please do comment in the comments section below! Perhaps link in an example question and describe what you are looking to do.