Is there a way to flag a question so it is easy to find later when it has been answered?

2 Answers
Nov 7, 2015

Since each question has a unique URL (web address), perhaps this is best done using bookmarks in your web browser.


I was wondering this too, but it should be easy enough to set up a group of Socratic bookmarks in your web browser.

If you use multiple computers, then there are various ways to synchronize bookmarks between them. I personally use Xmarks, but there are several alternatives.

Nov 29, 2015

Actually, I think there is!


This a little overdue, but I just remembered seeing your question on the Meta page some weeks back and I figured I'd share my two cents.

You can actually "flag" a question, so to speak, so that you can get a notification email when an answer gets posted.

To do that, you need to request an answer for that question. The red heart that acts as a "like" for an answer, acts as an "answer request" for an unanswered question.

Here's a fresh example

Notice that Gio asked the question yesterday, and that Trippy requested an answer 14 hours ago. The red heart indicator shows #2#, one for Gio's original question, and one for the answer request.

Now, when this question gets answered, both users will get a notification email from Socratic.

So if you want Socratic to let you know when a question is being answered, request an answer for that question and wait.

At least that's how it should work! :D