Is there some appropriate action when you notice that someone has "updated" an answer by completely replacing it?

The most recent example I have noticed of this involved an answer provided by a new contributor; I posted a comment trying to encourage that individual to look at how to better format answers (he/she had since contributed more answers). I now see that someone else has effectively deleted the original work and replaced it with his own. Two issues: [1] I don't feel this is respectful to the original contributor and certainly will not help him/her develop; [2] This appears to just be a "work around" when anyone wants to delete another person's work.

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Mar 8, 2018

Send me a note.


You are right, completely replacing an answer when editing is not an acceptable practice here.

Deleting an answer completely is definitely not what we would call an edit, especially if the answer is either completely or partially correct.

So when you see this happening, send me a note or @mention me in the comments section and I'll swing by to investigate. If the edit replaced the original answer completely, I will restore the answer to its original form and have a word with the contributor who edited.