Often an answer that "needs improvement" is accompanied by a second, completely acceptable answer. Improving a defective answer would make it similar to the "good" answer. What to do …?

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Aug 7, 2015


"What to do...?" Do you mean what should we do if we notice that this has happened? ...or should we edit a defective answer as opposed to adding a new one?


If we notice that this has happened, I would suggest that we leave both answers as they are (unless you feel there is something else going on... then, perhaps, add a comment).

Whether we should improve a defective answer is a bit more problematic. Certainly if it is a simple correction that could be written off as a "typo" then I would say "go ahead and edit". However, if we are talking about a substantive addition or modification, I would tend to write a new answer. Flagging an answer as "Needs improvement" (etc.) permits the originator to correct the answer themselves (arguably a good learning process); however, depending upon such corrections to be made is unrealistic and penalizes the person who asked the original question.

That's how i see it anyway.