Potassium hydroxide has the chemical formula KoH. It feels slippery and is used in cleaning liquids. Based on this description, what type of substance is potassium hydroxide most likely?

1 Answer
Dec 6, 2016

Alkali (water soluble base)


Actually, it is only the aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide that feels slippery. The actual compound, potassium hydroxide, is a usually supplied in the form of pellets which, rather than feeling slippery actually tend to feel somewhat "sticky" (the product is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the air to form a surface film of partially dissolved potassium hydroxide).

It is a very badly worded question though - potassium hydroxide solutions only really feel slippery at specific concentrations, and just because something feels slippery and is used in cleaning fluids that doesn't necessarily mean that it is an alkali. Admittedly, the formula KOH gives it away (although it should really be KOH (aq) for the purposes of this question).