The area of a square is 45 more than the perimeter. How do you find the length of the side?

1 Answer
Jan 29, 2016

Write an equation to represent the problem.


Assuming c represents side length.

#c^2# = 4c + 45

Put everything to one side of the equation and solve.

#c^2# - 4c - 45 = 0

(c - 9)(c+ 5) = 0

c = 9 and -5

Since a negative side length is not possible, the square's side measures 9.

Practice exercises:

  1. A square has an area that measures 12 more than the perimeter. Find the side length.

  2. System of equations: A rectangle has a perimeter of 34 and an area of 70. Find the dimensions of the rectangle.

Good luck!