The word carbohydrate is derived from carbon and water (hydrate). Why does this combination correctly describes this chemical group.?

1 Answer
Sep 14, 2017


When Carbohydrates are burned (decomposed ) they break down into carbon and water.


The formula for glucose sugar is # C_6H_12O_6# If the compound is broken down it results in

# 6 C + 6 H_2O# six carbon atoms and six water molecules.

An experiment that illustrates this well is to pour concentrated sulfuric acid about 1/3 deep into the volume of graduated sucrose sugar in a beaker about 1/4 full

The sulfuric acid is hydrophilic it will break the sucrose sugar molecule apart. The water will rise as steam above the beaker.
The sugar will turn brown and the a black carbon cone will rise out of the sugar sulfuric acid solution. The carbon cone will rise about the top of the beaker.

This experiment shows that the carbohydrate sugar is made of only Carbon and Water.