What are some symptoms of an affective disorder?

1 Answer
Oct 6, 2016

It will vary dependent on which type of affective disorder, I'll do my best to cover a fair few.


Depression/Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
Prolonged Sadness
Irritability or Anxiety
Lethargy and Lack of energy
Lack of interest in normal activites
Minor to major changes in eating and sleeping habits
Difficulty Concentrating
Feelings of guilt
Aches and pains that have no physical explanation
Suicidal thoughts

Bipolar Disorder
Unusual and chronic mood wings
During the phase of depression, symptoms similar to those of MDD
During the phase of Mania, less sleep and feelings of exaggerated self-confidence, irritability, aggression, self importance, impulsiveness, recklessness.
In severe cases delusions or hallucinations

Anxiety Disorders
Constant Worry
Obsessive thoughts
Trouble concentrating
Difficulty falling and/or staying asleep.
Shortness of breath, thus in most cases leading to a rapid heart rate

Hope this helps. Just ask if you'd like me to add more.