What is schizo-affective disorder?

1 Answer
Apr 17, 2018

schizo-affective disorder is classified as the characteristics of schizophrenia and a mood diagnosis as well.


Schizophrenia is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, grandiosity, abnormal thinking patterns, abnormal social interactions, erratic emotions, disorganized speech, and many more. Mood disorders are classified by moods of severe points of either mania or major depressive episodes. Mania consists of erratic behavior, irritability, gambling, dangerous behaviors, aggression, over-happiness for no given circumstance, increase in goal-oriented behaviors, steeling, lying, impulse control, racing thoughts, and loss of memory from these episodes. Major depressive episodes are characterized by loss of interest in typically enjoyable activities, over-sleeping, anxiety, significant weight gain or loss, withdrawn from social situations, thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or end your life, and there are many more symptoms...