What are the properties of acids and bases?

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Apr 13, 2018

See below:



  1. Have a low #pH#
  2. Are corrosive
  3. Turns litmus paper red.


  1. Have a high #pH#
  2. Are caustic/corrosive
  3. Feel slippery to the touch
  4. Turns litmus paper blue.

Classification of the chemical properties of acids and bases can be defined by two means, either as:

Bronstedt-Lowry acids/bases is defined in terms of protons:
A B-L base is a proton acceptor, i.e a species which accepts a proton from another species.
Conversely, a B-L acid is said to be a proton donor, which will "force" protons onto another chemical species.

Lewis Acids and bases are defined in terms of lone electrons pairs. A Lewis base is a species which donates a lone electron pair to another species. A Lewis acid is a species which can accept a lone pair of electrons from another species.

Hopefully, this helped!