What are the properties of sound waves?

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Oct 14, 2015

sound waves are mechanical waves so they need a medium for propagation.


The most fundamental properties of sound waves are:-
1. Wavelength
2. Frequency
3. Amplitude

Most of the other properties like speed,intensity etc. can be calculated from the above three quantities.

Oct 14, 2015

I have listed some below


  • They are longitudinal in nature - that means the disturbances are parallel to the direction of motion of the wave.
  • The cannot travel through a vacuum. They need a medium to travel through.
  • They travel fastest through solids and slowest through gases.
  • They obey the wave equation #v=f lambda# and their speed through air at sea level is approximately #340 m//s#
  • They can be reflected and obey the law of reflection.
  • They can be refracted, diffracted, undergo superposition (interference), etc.
  • Their frequencies may appear different to observers in relative motion due to the Doppler Effect.