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What happens when alkenes are oxidized?

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May 6, 2018


Alkenes are oxidised to give carbonyl compounds or carboxylic acids depending upon the condition.


So ozonolysis is an example of oxidative cleavage reaction that leads to the breaking #"C"-"C"# double bond on oxidation. There are two types of it

  1. Oxidative ozonolysis
  2. Reductive ozonolysis

Let me begin with oxidative ozonolysis. In this reaction, #"C"="C"# is broken to give oxygen at each of the broken carbon. In case of this reaction when workup is done with #"H"_2"O"_2# each of the oxygen is oxidized to give carboxylic acid at each of the carbon.

Now taking the second condition, i.e reductive ozonolysis.
In this case, oxygen is oxidized to intermediate form i.e carbonyl compound. The reductive workup is done with #"Zn"# or #"S"("CH"_3)_2#.

Hope it helps!!

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