What is a polar bond?

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May 12, 2018


A polar bond is a covalent bond where the electron density of the shared electrons is shared unevenly.


In a covalent bond the electron density of electrons belonging to two different atoms is shared between the two atoms.
In a polar covalent bond the electron density of the electrons is shared unevenly creating a positive pole and a negative pole in the the bond.

Like the poles on a magnet the poles on a polar covalent bond create a force of attraction. The force of attraction causes intermolecular "bonding" and bending within the organic molecule.

The poles within the polar covalent bond are created by differences in electronegativity of the the two atoms involved in the the chemical bonding or sharing of the electrons.

A polar covalent bond is a bond that has unequal sharing of the electron density creating both a positive side or pole and a negative side or pole to the bond.

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