What is a solution?

1 Answer
Apr 27, 2014

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances.

There are many types of solutions.

Gas in Gas

• Air — oxygen and other gases dissolved in nitrogen.


Gas in Liquid

• Fish tank — oxygen in water.
• Carbonated beverages — carbon dioxide in water.
• Blood — oxygen and carbon dioxide are essential components of blood chemistry.


Liquid in Liquid

• Windshield washer fluid — methanol in water.
• Alcoholic beverages — ethanol and other solutes in water.
• Vinegar — acetic acid in water.


Solid in Liquid

• Maple syrup — sugar in water
• Brine — salt in water.
• Body fluids — complex aqueous solutions of sugar, urea, electrolytes, and many other solutes.


Gas in Solid

• Hydrogen dissolves rather well in palladium and tin.

Liquid in Solid

• Dental amalgam — mercury in silver, tin, and copper.
• Hexane in paraffin wax


Solid in Solid

• Steel — carbon atoms in a crystalline matrix of iron atoms.
• Bronze — copper and tin.
• Brass — copper and zinc.