What is shorthand notation for elements?

1 Answer
Jun 30, 2017

Short way of writing electronic configurations for elements.


This is only used for lithium onwards, as hydrogen has no noble gases before it. Shorthand notation referenced the nearest noble gas, back the way. So for flourine it would reference heli and not neon.

It is used as all element in a particular period will share the same electronic configuration to an extent, which is that of a noble gas. For example I'll use titanium, would you rather have to use #"1s"^2 2"s"^2 "2p"^6 "3s"^2 "3p"^6 "4s"^2 "3d"^2#, or #"[Ar]" "4s"^2 "3d"^2#? You would choose the second option, as there are less things to remember, and what's the point of remembering #"1s"^2 2"s"^2 "2p"^6 "3s"^2 "3p"^6# when its just the electronic configuration of argon.