What is the connection between a question that has just been asked and the occasional note within the question that someone else asked for an answer some time ago?

Sometimes I come across a question that shows on the Topic page that it was asked recently, let's say 10 minutes ago, by a certain user, but when I click into the question (so go to the Question Page) there is a box at the bottom, down where the comments are, that shows another user asked for the question to be asked and the time frame is very commonly months. I don't understand the connection between the Topic Page information and the Question Page information.

1 Answer
Jun 1, 2016

Suppose person A asks a question X time ago.

Now, let's say person B likes the question by pressing the heart button more recently.

If the question has yet to be answered, then it's implied that person B also wants that question answered.

As a result, the question in the list of questions displays the last-asked date as when person B liked the question, indicating that there is recent "demand" for the question to be answered.

This "like" gets displayed on the question detail page as a "comment", which equates liking the question to "re-asking" the question.

If, however, person B takes back the like as follows:

then the recently-asked date goes back to how it was before.