What is the distance across our solar system in kilometers?

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There is no exact border for solar system.It extends up to Oort's cloud.where Sun's gravity is effective..


Approximately it extends up to 10,0000 astronomical u nits/.enter image source here
picture credit universetoday.com.

Jul 11, 2016

Much more than #2Xaphelion = 2.8 X 10^11 km#. of dwarf planet Sedna.


The solar orbiter that reaches the farthest aphelion = 936 AU is

the dwarf planet Sedna. So, the solar system across should be wider

than 2(aphelion of Sedna) = #2.8 X 10^11 km##.

Yet, in my opinion, it should be as wide as nearly 4 light years = #3.8

X 10^13# km. This estimate comes from zero-gravity edge as

midway between the Sun and the nearest star Alpha Centauri at

4.246 light years from the Earth..

#1 AU = 1495987871 km and#

#1 light year = 299792 X 3600 X 24 X 365.25 km = #9.46 X 10 ^ 12 km#.