What is the full scale of the universe? Will it ever be known?

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Feb 27, 2016

My answer is based on the assumption that our universe extends around from where BB event happened. ESE Planck satellite's measurement ( 2015) puts us 13.82 billion light years from here..


Hubble constant Ho = ( distance from BB center ) / ( expansion velocity).
Planck's value of 1 / Ho is 13.813 billion years.
Higher Ho gives lower age.
Consensus on the value of Ho is awaited.
Older methods related the distance of farthest globular cluster of stars to the age of our universe.
This method uses the time 1/Ho, in billion year unit, as age of universe.
A correction is made to increase it to 13.83 billion light years (bly)
My note here suggests that this distance is radius of our universe.
So, our universe is observable 'our universe', from our side.
This is my analysis of estimates, from different sources.