What is the size of the universe?

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Dec 26, 2017

please see below


I percieve your question to be 'What is the size of our universe?'
Rather than size of observable universe .

Size of universe is yet undefined , some say it is infinite while the others sughest that it must be finite but an extremely large value .

Perhaps, we know size of observable universe that's around 94 billion light years .

#color (gold)("light year is a astronomical unit used to measure extremely large distances.")#
#color (gold)("light year refers to the distance travelled by light in free space in an year")#

Space is expanding into itself , it seems just like if you zoom the graph at "desmos.com" .

know why i said rather typed "our universe"? that's because some astronomers suggested existence of more than one universe , isn't this stuff cool?

Dark energy is believed to be alien to our universe .

So, yet the question is pending , How big is #color (red)("universe")#?
To answer that we need to know how old is our universe ,
#color (green)("how much time before did the bigbang occur?")#

If we know how much old it is we need to work out some calculations based on entropy and red shift, may be yielding some result ..

Actually this stuff isn't yet as simple as i told ,
#color (silver)("Time is not absolute!")# , Time would cease to exist when the highest entropy is obtained according to some laws of physics . This makes it fairly difficult to be mathematically solved.
"Any other challenge left?"

Yes, The worst part of astrophysics comes in when you see some equations with so many variables denoted by greek alphabet , no need to get dissapointed for now , i heard a quantum physict say that those equations are not really boring or dangerous , whatever! as they seem to be.
What about answer to question ?
I got no idea but just a mind to think about it!