What size was the universe after inflation?

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Aug 18, 2016

We can conceptualize the Universe only after the Planck time (#10^ -43#) seconds and not earlier,


In Big Bang cosmology, the Planck epoch or Planck era refers to the earliest stage of the Big Bang, before the time passed was equal to the Planck time tP, or approximately #10^−43# seconds. There is no currently available physical theory to describe such short times, and it is not clear in what sense the concept of time is meaningful for values smaller than the Planck time. It is generally assumed that quantum effects of gravity dominate physical interactions at this time scale. At this scale, the unified force of the Standard Model is assumed to be unified with gravitation. Inconceivably hot and dense, the state of the Planck epoch was succeeded by the Grand unification epoch, where gravitation is separated from the unified force of the Standard Model, in turn followed by the Inflationary epoch, which ended after about #10^−32# seconds