Which is the nearest galaxy to Earth?

2 Answers

Andromeda galaxy situated 2.5 million light years away from Earth is the nearest Galaxy.enter image source here


Picture credit U tube.com.

Oct 23, 2016

As of now, the nearest are our Milky Way's satellite dwarf galaxies in Magellanic Clouds,: Sagittarius beyond the constellation Sagittarius and Canis Major beyond the constellation Canis Major.


At about 750000 light years, in Magellanic clouds, are spotted

satellite dwarf galaxies of our Milky Way (MW) named Sagittarius

and Canis Major , in the respective directions beyond same-name


The central distance of Magellanic clouds is about 750000 light


If Megallanic Clouds in Local Group (LG) is considered as belonging

to MW, then Andremoda in LG is the nearest neighbor.