Which of the following is an incorrect designation for an atomic orbital? a) 1s b) 4f c) 3s d) 2d e) 2p

1 Answer
Apr 4, 2015

The answer is d) 2d.

Without going into too much detail, the 2d orbitals cannot exist because they are not allowed solutions to the Schrodinger equation.

Simply put, the second energy shell, designated by a principal quantum number equal to 2, or #"n=2"#, can only hold s and p-orbitals.

For the second energy level, the allowed values for the angular momentum quantum number, or #l#, the quantum number that describes the shape (type) of an orbital that can occupy a certain energy level, are 0, which designate s-orbitals, and 1, which designate p-orbitals.

D-orbitals are allowed starting with the third energy level, or #"n=3"#, for which #l# is equal to 2.