Why does the body need carbohydrates?

1 Answer

It is the primary source of energy for the body.


Carbohydrates, specifically glucose, is needed by the body for fuel. Fuel for what? To make the body do its necessary functions.

First off, what happens to the carbohydrates ingested in the mouth? Polysaccharides are digested starting in the saliva of the mouth by the enzyme amylase.

These are converted to disaccharides. One must remember that only glucose is used by the human body cell. Therefore there are ways that the body can convert other carbohydrates into glucose.

Once glucose is depleted, glycogen, the storage form of excess glucose in the liver and muscles is next choice for fueling the body. Glycogen will be converted to glucose by the process called glycogenolysis (lysis means to break down).

Once glycogen stores are depleted, the body utilizes now fats and amino acids, by the process called gluconeogenesis (neo, means new).

Hope this helped! :)