Why not add "groups" in Socratic? Please read below...

I mean, it´d be a fabulous idea to add a section in Socratic website to form groups (like an online knowledge gang ;) ) with other contributors. It´ll absolutely be 'friendlier'.

As well as creating creating chat areas between the group members; this would encourage using other languages and expanding the Socratic community!

1 Answer
Aug 16, 2017

As I imagine it being implemented, i don't like the idea.


I would expect this to lead to cliques. "In" groups and "out" groups.

I like the organization by subject and topic.

There are a few other contributors I sometimes send messages to, but I think that public conversations here should be open to the public.

I think it is worth considering a way to send a message to more than one person. I'm not sure it's a great idea, and I don't see myself using it. But I think it is worth considering.