How do I create a bar chart?

1 Answer
Jan 21, 2016

One way is to use Microsoft Excel.


Bar charts are good for comparing values for different groups of things.

Let's assume that your class has measured the density of some metals and you want to display the results in a bar chart.

Open EXCEL and enter your data.


Highlight your data


Click on the Insert tab to show the Charts options


Click on the triangle below "Bar" and select "2D Bar".

The Bar Chart magically appears.

Bar Chart

Edit your chart to improve its appearance.

Click on the "Density" legend on the right, and press "Del".

You should also add Axis Titles and perhaps change the Chart Title (click anywhere in the graph, choose "Chart Tools" and "Layout").

You can even add colours and change appearance by using "Design" and "Format".

Here's an example.