Are acids or bases more dangerous? Why?

1 Answer

Both can be dangerous.


Acids and bases have various strengths, all depending on their #pH#. An extremely strong base would be more dangerous than a weak acid, and vice versa.

For example, oven cleaner, with a #pH#of #14# (highest possible level on the scale) would cause much more damage upon direct contact then would soda water, for example, a weak acid of #pH# #6#.

It is true that acids cause degradation on metals and alkaline products don't, but that is no measure of their strengths.

Whenever dealing with acids and bases always measure their #pH#, if you don't already know it. Never touch without knowing for sure. Never smell without knowing for sure and always handle with care. Spilling a strong acid or base can have severe consequences, including painful burns, and, if there is contact with the eye, potential vision loss or even blindness.

Here is a video that can prove this.

Hopefully this helps!