How can I convert 3,3-dimethylhexane #C_3−C_4# bond from Newman projection to bond line notation?

1 Answer
Feb 9, 2015

Start with the Newman projection that represents the most stable staggered conformation of 3,3-dimethylhexane

This conformation will have two ethyl groups in anti position and gauche interaction between two methyl groups * and one ethyl group*.

Let's determine the groups that are attached to the #C_3# carbon, the front carbon for this projection. Notice that it has two ethyl groups , one coming out of the plane of the page and one going into the plane of the page, and the aforementioned ethyl group attached.

The #C_4# carbon will have two hydrogen atoms outside of the plane of the page and the ethyl group attached.

Now, in order to start placing these groups on the ir respective carbons, you must first draw the bond line notation for the parent chain, hexane

Notice that the two ethyl groups situated in the plane of the page are already attached to the #C_3# and #C_4# carbons. SInce bond line notations don't show the hydrogen atoms that are attached to carbon atoms, the #C_4# carbon will be ready to go.

Now for the #C_3# carbon. Since it has two methyl groups attached, the bond line notation will show two lines coming from the atom and forming a reverse V, like this

This will be the final form for the bond line notation of 3,3-dimethylhexane.