How can I identify functional groups?

1 Answer
Sep 19, 2015

You mean how you can spot one on a compound? It's merely the part of the compound that branches away from the main chain.

Let's say you had this, N,N-dimethylacetoacetamide:

You could say that the main chain is the carbon attached directly to the nitrogen from the left (carbon-1) all the way to the far left carbon (carbon-4).

Then, the carbonyl groups would be the #"C"="O"# of carbon-1 and carbon-3. The only other functional group is the secondary amine group on carbon-1. You can tell it's secondary from my writing N,N, which implies two substituents on the nitrogen. You could also say that the carbonyl on carbon-1 along with the #"N"("CH"_3)_2# can be coupled together as one functional group called an amide.

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