How do GMOs affect biodiversity?

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Sep 3, 2014

One thing that you should understand about GMOs is that we have been using them and producing them ever since we stopped hunting and gathering and settled into villages.

When we first farmed, we used seeds from the most productive plants. We took corn seeds from those ears which had the plumpest ears and those with the most seeds.

This all began more 10,000 years ago. We selected the best and therefore produced more for the village to eat.

We did the same with horses and cattle. By doing this we have "thrown away" those plants (and animals) that didn't measure up.

So, we have reduced the biodiversity of what we plant as food crops,


GMOs have a bad reputation because some have added DNA which carries resistance to some insects. It has always been a tug of war of corn or wheat against the insects looking for a meal.

Even in medicine, there are wars against bacteria and antibiotics against them. We have produced bacteria called MERSA as the bacteria respond by fighting back.

It all depends on what side you look at these fights. Ask yourself what would you do?