What are genetically modified foods?

1 Answer

The required gene are added into the food plants.


  1. The geneticall modified foods contains an extra gene. The extra genes are transferred for particular purposes.
  2. One gene 'Bt' of the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt gene) is responsible for checking the growth of larva of the insects, The Bt gene is responsible for checking the growth of larva wnen that gene is tranferred to the gene pool foos plants. The plants contain such type of an extra gene are known as the genetically modified plants and in case of food plants the 'genetically modified food'. The example of such type of food are Bt bringle, Bt mustard etc.
  3. The environmentlists, experts, social workers etc., oppose this type of foods. In long ways it will change the purity of food and harm to whole organisms along human beings.
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