Is genetically modified food ethical?

1 Answer
Oct 24, 2017

I believe it is


Humans have been genetically modifying plants from the beginning of agriculture.

The "old" methods (still used today) were of combining two plants with favorable traits together to form a better strain.
Imagine growing apples and having two variants. One that has large and delicious apples, but which grow at a normal speed and a variant with quick growing but normal apples. If i were to combine these two to make a new variant that has large apples and grows quickly, that would be great.
This crossbreeding is the oldest kind of genetically modifying. As this is a (nearly) completely natural process no harm is done in my opinion

Gene-modded food (especially transgenics) is a bit more touchy. I believe that these are also ethical, but should not be haphazardly released into ecosystems to prevent disturbances/damage. A lot of transgenics are very useful, like the "Golden Rice" which makes vitamin A (normal rice does not do this) or crops that are more water resistant.