How do you find intercepts, extrema, points of inflections, asymptotes and graph #y=abs(2x-3)#?

1 Answer
Dec 10, 2016

The V-graph reveals that #y=|2x-3|# reveals that vertex v(0, 3/2) gives y-x-intercept as 3/2. The left arm of V creates y-intercept ( x = 0 ) as 3. Vertex is a node.



There is no question of looking for asymptotes, for a pair of lines

that is self-asymptotic. The common point is a node and,

once again, there is no question of looking for point of inflexion.

The separate equations for the half lines in this pair are

#y=2x-3, x>=3/2 and#

#y=-(2x-3), x<=3/2#.

graph{y-|2x-3|=0 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}