How do you graph #r=5-5costheta#?

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Oct 9, 2017

lets start with a graph of #cos Theta#

Now for a little details of the graph.
See the x-axis? That is the mean line of the wave. And the amplitude is the maximum displacement of the wave from the mean line. Hence the amplitude in this case is 1.

The coefficient of #cos theta#will determine the amplitude
meaning that if we have #5cos theta#our wave will go 5 units above the mean line.
here is a graph of #5cos theta#
The number other that #cos theta# in the equation will change its mean line.

In this case the mean line will be shifted 5 units vertically.

Here is what will happen now;

Now most importantly if the coefficient of #cos# is negative simply replace the troughs of the wave with the troughs. Or if you study physics- shift the graph half a wavelength.

Here is the final

I am really sorry i used pictures of graphs and couldn't insert the actual ones since there was some kind of bug in Socratic graphing function.

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