How is schizoid personality disorder related to autism?

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Dean Share
Nov 27, 2017


They share many common traits. Look below for a detailed answer.


People on the autism spectrum and those who have schizoid personality disorders suffer from impaired social behavior.

Social behavior involves many factors. People on the autism spectrum experience a variety of non-verbal communication issues. Body language and eye contact are two very commonly noticed hardships with those who fall onto this spectrum. Autism can mean emotional and social detachment, especially for those during childhood. Similarly, schizoid personality implies the same detachment and communication issues.

People on both sides would opt for solitary activities as opposed to group ones because they enjoy being alone and inside their own minds. They may lack interest in starting friendships or relationships, so this is an opportunity to indulge in themselves.

Other similarities between autism and schizoid personality include:

  1. Relatively close to guardians/caregivers rather than peers.
  2. Failure to develop relationships independently and keep them.
  3. Trouble with returning gestures and following etiquette/manners.
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