How many single covalent bonds can carbon form?

1 Answer
Feb 28, 2016

maximum 4 single covalent bonds it can form


Carbon has got following ground state electronic configuration
#1s^2 2s^2 2p_x^1 2p_y^1 2p_z^0# where there exist 2 unpaired electrons in its outermost shell, making it capable to form two single electron pair bonds. But the carbon atom takes energy during chemical reaction and this promotes its paired electron in#2s# level to vacant #2p_z# total 4 unpaired electron in the outermost shell when its configuration becomes
#1s^2 2s^1 2p_x^1 2p_y^1 2p_z^1#
Thus carbon can form 4 (electron pair) single bonds with mono valent atom like Hydrogen, Chlorine etc.