How to answer a question you've already answered?

So, I remember seeing a question on puberty that i've answered in a another question before. Do I just copy and paste the old answer into the new question? Or do I have to come up with a totally new answer again?

In case this doesn't make any sense to you, here are the questions I was referring to;

The new question:

The old question:

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Nov 24, 2017


Here's what you can do.


If the questions are referring to the same concept (or if they are identical), you can simply @mention me in the comments section with the link to the question that has already been answered and I'll merge the two questions.

Alternatively, you can send me a note with the two links and I'll swing by and merge the questions.

If the questions refer to slightly different concepts or to slightly different aspects of the same concept, you can address that in an answer and use the link to the old question as a way to emphasize your explanation.

I'll go ahead and merge the two questions that you're referring to, i.e. I'll make both questions direct to the same answer.

PS: I don't recommend using the copy/paste method here, so try to avoid answering one of the questions with the link to the other.