What are alkenes and alkynes used for?

1 Answer

Following are the uses of alkanes and alkenes:-


  1. Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons which are formed by single bonding between the carbon atoms. They are mostly used for heating, cooking, and electricity generation. The alkanes which have a higher number of carbon atoms are used for surfacing roads.

  2. Alkenes or unsaturated hydrocarbons are formed by double or triple bonding between carbon atoms. They are used for manufacturing of plastic or plastic products.

Now citing the individual uses of the alkanes and the alkenes by naming their different components:-

  1. Methane, a form of saturated hydrocarbon, is used for the generation of CNG or Compressed Natural Gas.

  2. A mixture of propane and butane is used in LPG cylinders.

  3. The manufacturing of polythene uses ethene.