What is the difference between a sociopath and someone who is psychotic?

1 Answer

Sociopaths and Psychopaths are people, who have screwed up moral and ethical guidelines. But they differ from with it comes to their origin and reason.


Sociopath are created due to the fact that they matured in a community with screwed up a similar screwed up moral standards and ethical guideline. For example, you grew up in a cannibalistic tribe or community, you are thought that killing and eating human flesh is acceptable, and you learn to like the taste of human flesh. Once you are exposed to a different community, then you committed acts of cannibalism, Knowing your background and record. You will be enlisted as a sociopath.

Psychopaths/Psychotics are results of emotional or mental damage. Substances, Trauma, Accidents and Genetics can cause psychopathology. Psychopathology dwells on damage, One with psychopathology could not cognitively differentiate what is right from wrong. For example, You had been taking drugs for many years now, Your brain slowly deteriorates, because of the drugs you taken, due to the desire to acquire more drugs, you would do what ever it takes to get more drugs. which results to crimes. After a series of drug test and MRI, a doctor might consider you as a Psychopath.

But that depends on your justice systems, Either ways you will still be imprisoned...