What's one thing you like about Socratic?

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Apr 5, 2017

(I'm going to answer my own question:)


One thing I really love about Socratic is that it reminds me somewhat of the Avengers (from Marvel Studios). Everyone is answering a question and doing their part and at the end, it ends up helping a lot of people. :)

Apr 6, 2017

I like helping people by answering their questions! :)

Apr 6, 2017

I like Socratic very much it is Because it Feels Good:-


I love to clear the doubts of people from all around the World :)

Apr 6, 2017

It's free, the interface allows answers to be well written and helping others understand difficult concepts gives me a sense of satisfaction.


I love teaching students, non trad, adults, children and anyone wanting to learn. There is just some satisfaction I get when I teach someone a concept and that person goes ,"Ohh, now I understand."

Every teacher has his/her own teaching style. Because of this, students can either get it the first time or struggle with understanding it. By breaking down answers, it allows me to teach what I know in a way which makes sense to others. Most importantly it keeps me motivated to learn topics which I don't understand while still keeping the information I do know fresh in my mind.

It challenges me


There are many ways that I enjoy Socratic:

  • It keeps my mind active

  • I enjoy the sense of satisfaction of being able to touch so many lives and in a little way each time help to make someone else's life just a little bit better

  • It helps to expand my knowledge and understanding. Every once in a while, there is a problem that gets posed that forces me to think and rethink about it - each time garnering a deeper understanding of maths and patterns. The one that is currently making my brain itch I've been working on for five days now and while I've made some progress, I've yet to definitively solve it. For anyone who wants to tackle it along with me, here's the question (make sure to read the supplemental information https://socratic.org/questions/you-have-n-pieces-of-pie-to-be-given-out-to-k-people-and-all-n-pieces-are-given-)

Apr 7, 2017

The thrill of being included and working with so many exceptionally educated and talented professors, teachers, students, and parents.


We will all be students for a lifetime.

Thank you to teachers who facilitate valuable learning.

Thank you to parents who will always help us and support us for as long as they can.

Apr 9, 2017

In eager to answer a question, I search about its solution. That increases my knowledge which I love.

Apr 11, 2017
  • Socratic is ace app.


It induces interest in doing studies. It helps to tackle the problems.It increase our knowledge .

Apr 11, 2017

People can check my answers and correct them.


No offense. People are able to correct mistakes. "The err is human"...

May 18, 2017

shortly explained answers

Jun 18, 2017



It is really interesting!!! It helps me to ask questions which I have doubt on. The members using socratic are really helpful. Their explanation is worth-reading. It increases the interest for learning.

And the best part of socratic is that it makes you more interested in learning than using social media. It is in such a format that appeals learners. It helps to explore our creativity and develop our perception about certain topics. It is making the world narrower and promoting cooperation among learners from all around the world. It a platform to test how much you are capable of competing with the world.

It is a one of the most fantastic learning material in this century where students are engaged in chatting in social media instead of learning something new.

It increases the willingness of a learner to help others with their problems and get helped.

I am really grateful to the makers of SOCRATIC and hope that SOCRATIC will develop more and add other subjects to it to make it more interesting!! ^__^ :)

Jun 20, 2017

A combination of things:

  1. It's free!
  2. It's made up of a ready-and-willing community.
  3. The span of answer difficulties accommodates for a large audience.
  4. Answers are usually well-explained.


Unlike websites like Chegg, Quora, etc. that have you subscribe for a (sometimes paid) service to get answers, Socratic just puts the answers up for free, with no account required (just encouraged).

Furthermore, the answers are under a creative commons license, so you can use the material in your work as long as you cite us (including link back to http://socratic.org/), make clear what you modified, and you don't sell it for money!


Most of us are doing this because we want to, not because we have to.

We enjoy helping other people (for the most part), so if you have any pressing questions, bring them our way, and we'll give it our best shot!


Part of our answering strategy is to reach as large of an audience as possible in terms of intelligence.

StackExchange is an example of a site that sometimes gets too technical. We wouldn't like it if someone reads something that appears too technical on our site and decides to go somewhere that explains it in an easier, and possibly less effective way.

We would rather make sense to as many grade levels as possible.


We encourage explaining something to the best of your ability.

That means not just simple "here's the answer", but "here's the answer, and why it's (probably) right".

This is an issue in other Q&A websites that aren't fortunate enough to have, say, math formatting, which makes their math answers hard to read, or diligent enough people to share their thought process.

Jun 20, 2017

I don't think there's just one thing I like:)


Ever since I found Socratic, I've developed a strong attachment to it. The community of teachers and students is unlike any you'll find in school, and everyone here is so eager to help and learn!

Another important detail is that it's free! No other web site on the planet provides such detailed explanations to as many answers as Socratic, and to have it not require monthly payments, or any payments, sends it past the competition!

As my bio states, knowledge is a blessing from God and a gift that is worth sharing:)

I've never met such a community of people that are so helpful and encouraging toward others, and my only wish is that it grows even larger!

Jun 20, 2017

I like Socratic for more reasons than one!

For one thing, it gives me ample chances to practice my math skills prior to exams. I know firsthand as a contributor here that we all go over each other's answers, so it's nice to know what you're doing is correct.

Secondly, I love to help in any way possible, and this is such a friendly and accommodating community to help out in.

Socratic's math formatting system sure is a pleasure to work with. It's so easy in comparison to certain other formatting programs that I've used elsewhere.

I also like the thank-you note system, because it really gives me a sense that I'm making impact on the ground-level.

To conclude, Socratic is a wonderful website and I hope to keep contributing for a long time still to come:)

Jun 20, 2017



I've been on Socratic for less than half a year but already I feel that it is the best site for seeking/giving help with homework. I remember discovering Socratic by accident because I was looking for an answer to a question. At first, I saw Socratic as a resource for my own benefit but then I came across a question and I felt the will to help answer it. Long story short, I soon found myself helping others with their homework.

  • With Socratic, I very much enjoy the fact that I can help people around the world because it makes me happy that I can contribute my knowledge and make a small difference in the world by helping someone learn.

  • It makes me really think about the content. When I attempt explain something, I try to be as clear and concise as possible. I have to really think about the content in a way that I otherwise wouldn't. I think, in terms of how this benefits me, is that writing answers helps be become more analytical and detail-orientated. Also, I understand the content more once I answered the question precisely because I thought deep about the content.

  • As some have mentioned, Socratic is FREE!!! It's great that Socratic is free because it means everyone can contribute and learn without any restrictions. I firmly believe that knowledge should be free and not limited to those who can afford it.

  • Lastly, I admire the community. There are many people, such as myself, who are eager to learn and teach. Socratic is filled with a wide range of contributors from experienced experts to active owls (as I like to call them) to occasional contributors. Each have their own ways to teach which allows for multiple perspectives and approaches towards given problems. They seem to really enjoy what they do and I think that's what makes Socratic the best thing out there today.

Jun 22, 2017

It makes me happy to see lots of different countries pay attention to answers and contribute questions.


Norway, for instance, is such a great country that whenever I put an answer, I check it how many times my answers were visited in Norway. I have almost 690 answers and my answers have been visited in Norway (one check per answer) frequently.

In my country, however, my answers have been visited only ten-twenty maybe thirty times (total).

When I provide an answer, someone can warn me if I made a mistake. I try to fix my mistakes and learn something.

That is great.

Jul 17, 2017

I like the way that it actually allows you to give a detailed answer!


There is a current fashion for supposing that everything is extremely simple, and can be boiled down to simple one-sentence answers.

This completely removes the ability to build in context, and also to include information that allows people to know the background, as well as ways to avoid being misled or confused by information which, if we were only working off single sentence answers, would be a major risk. This was a big disadvantage with Yahoo Answers.

Another MAJOR issue with Yahoo Answers is that there is (was) a growing tendency there for people to "thumbs down" answers that were scientifically correct. This led to people reading misleading information, which is no help to them at all in their learning. That is the main reason that I deleted my Yahoo account.

Socratic appears to be a good platform for sharing knowledge, and it is enjoyable to use.

Jul 25, 2017

Not one there are many things, which make me like Socratic.


  1. I loved teaching even when I was a student. And though I had to chose a profession, which could pay me nicely, Socratic helps me return to my interests after my retirement.
  2. In India educatiion is highly commercialised. The focus is more on qualifying or preparing for an examination or qualification but not on grasping concepts and their application. This is something I do not like, but in Socratic I can go my way.
  3. Socratic also keeps my mind active in variety of ways. In fact many of the concepts which I had not used for last many decades have become sharpened and answers posted by other specialists and those already in the field of education have helped me in enancing my knowledge further.
  4. Even after answering a question, queries by some as well answers by others on the same question helps me in looking at answers afresh from a different angle / perspective.
  5. Last but not the least, it helps me reach out to my audience across te world irrespective of language barriers. (I have tried to answer a few questions asked in different language by using Google Translate and answering it in English.) I enjoy helping peopla across the world and I love my popularity even in non-English speaking places like Heifi and Bucharest.
Jul 26, 2017

Hmmm... there's a lot of things that I like about Socratic!


The 7 things that I LOVE about Socratic!

  1. Whenever I answer a question, it helps me remember the things that I learned already and it refreshes my knowledge!
  2. It's totally free! Isn't that awesome!
  3. Has this magic which makes me "addicted" to it!
  4. Everyone is very friendly... :D
  5. The achievement badges and stuff motivate people a lot to answer questions and stuff. I like the idea of featured answers!
  6. The atmosphere. It is very "learny" but I also feel that Socratic is fun in a way!
  7. The questions are not like essays or something. Even if your answer has a few errors, people almost always fix it. :D


Mar 21, 2018

I like helping others and receiving assistance in return.


I like the feeling of being productive and helpful at the same time in a kind, accepting community. It feels nice to be able to do something to help others (kind of like online volunteering).