Categorical Graphs

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Art of Problem Solving: Bar Charts and Pie Charts

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Key Questions

  • Overall, I think the decision to use a bar or pie chart is a personal choice. If you are using graphs as part of a presentation, focus on the overall story you are trying to share with the graphical charts and images.

    Below is the abbreviated guideline I use in evaluating whether to use a bar or pie chart:

    • Bar Chart when noting trended performance (e.g., say, over time)
    • Pie Chart when showing distribution of the whole

    Example :
    Let's say you want to track how you spend your money. And this month you spent $1,000. If you want to illustrate how you spent the $1,000 by category (e.g., food, clothing, gasoline), then a pie chart may make the most sense. However, if you want to display the trend for monthly spend over time (e.g., the past 6 months), then a bar chart may be more optimal.

  • 1) Shows frequency of each data category.

    2) Summarizes large data set in a visual form

    3) Shows how variable or group of variables change over time.

    4) Can be use to explain how quantities changes or differ to a lay man.

  • Answer:

    Important characteristics of a "Pie Chart"


    Before build a "Pie Chart" we need to have some important things.
    we need to have:


    1. Two or more data.
    2. Choose perfect colors to see easly our data.
    3. Put a head title in front of our chart.
    4. Put a legend in your chart (left or right)
    5. Add a sentence that describe the chart, at the bottom of our chart. (short one)

    See the picture too: